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It is time to get back to the original meaning of the Gospels before they were distorted.
The Gospels are as they might have been as "Q" arranged by subject and retranslated when necessary.
Also Acts merged with Revelations (Giving a complete record of the Church from the Ascension in 33 AD to the birth of Jesus' great-grandson in 113 AD)

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A new Christian paradigm

(The Gospel of Philip) (The Pesher of Habakkuk)

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In 1945 and 1947 two groups of documents appeared as if waiting for the appropriate time to be discovered. These were Nag Hammadi Books, old codices bound in golden brown leather found in upper Egypt, and The Dead Sea Scrolls, ranging from 50,000 individual fragments to a scroll eight meters long in caves near the ruins of Qumran near the Dead Sea. (Available online at Leon Levy Digital Library and Israel Museum Digital Project, although not all: those that appear to be about the Christian connection with the Qumran are still suppressed.)

The rest of the world was celebrating the end of World War II. On Tuesday 8 May 1945 it was 'Victory in Europe' (VE) Day and on 15 August, victory in Japan (VJ) Day. On August 6, with the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, we had entered the Atomic Age that could bring total annihilation to the world. Those who believe in the Apocalyse rejoiced at their now possible quick demise and translation to Heaven to live with Jesus, not naked as in the artistic masterpieces, but still clothed.

How would sane people react to this new world that could blow itself up? How would the Christian Church react to these discovered documents that now threatened its very existence? If ever there was a time for a paradigm change it was then! But the status quo fought back. Atomic bombs would be turned into peaceful energy sources. Wars can be fought on a smaller scale, still with a huge loss of lives, but with everyone promising not to use the bomb. "Bomb those who not have the bomb" is the new war cry: the Atom Bomb Club was an exclusive club! So we all forgot about the possibility of the Apocalypse.

As to the Nag Hammadi books, that even contained new Gospels, they would be marginalized by calling them "gnostic." The Church Fathers had long ago declared gnosticism meaning "to know thyself" to be heresy. They had chosen to ignore the gnostic words of St. Paul: "But we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory" (First epistle to the Corinthians 2:7) and of Jesus: "Whoever has ears, let them hear" (Mark 4:9 and many times in Revelation). Thus we could be given permission to close our ears to the Nag Hammadi The Second Treatise of the Great Seth: "Yes, they saw me; they punished me. It was another, their father, who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They struck me with the reed; it was another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. I was another upon whom they placed the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height over all the wealth of the archons and the offspring of their error, of their empty glory. And I was laughing at their ignorance." (See also Jesus Survived the Crucifixion: Proof from the Ante-Nicean Fathers: Irenaeus & Papias)

The marginalizing of the Dead Sea Scrolls was subtler. Once it was suspected that these scrolls had a striking resemblance to the early Christian Church, their release was delayed for a ridiculously long time. Meanwhile a cover story was made up to say that, although they were indeed Essene, that they all had to do with the Hasmonean Dynasty that preceded Herod the Great and the birth of Jesus. Those like John Allegro and Barbara Thiering who dared to say that they had a relevance to the time of Jesus were ridiculed. (See "The Dead Sea Scrolls are not dead yet".)

Whether the Church or the comfortably tenured scholars like it or not, the Nag Hammadi “gnostic” gospels and the Dead Sea Scrolls have forever changed the landscape. A new Christian paradigm is quickly coming into the world consciousness. Two books in the Nag Hammadi Library: the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Philip became best sellers and the Da Vinci Code enjoyed tremendous success. The later was propelled by the Gospel of Philip which supported Mary Magdalene's marriage to Jesus: "the companion of the Saviour was Mary Magdalene. He loved her more than all the disciples and used to kiss her often on her mouth."(Philip 63 32-36).

Now the Dead Sea Scrolls have all been published online, except for most of the Christian-related ones. (Guess why?) More detailed carbon dating and script analysis have shown some of these to be from the time of Jesus. Just look at the huge implication of its words: "Its pesher concerns the house of Absalom (James, Jesus' younger brother) and the men of their congregation who were reduced to silence by the reproof of the Teacher of Righteousness (John the Baptist) and did not help him against the Man of the Lie (Jesus) who rejected the Law in the midst of the congregation (Day of Atonement)" (1QpHab 5 10-12). (Many scholars agree on John the Baptist as the "Teacher of Righteousness", some say the "Man of the Lie" is Paul, but only Dr. Barbara Thiering got it right that the "Man of the Lie" is Jesus! by relating it to the Transfiguration of Jesus in the Gospels.)

Blind sight may have worked in the past, but the vision in Revelation 12:1-2, which was of the Bar Mitzvah of Jesus: "A great sign was seen in the heaven, a woman arrayed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars, and being with child she does cry out, travailing and pained to bring forth" needs to be brought about by all Christians. Not as a mythical Second Coming of Christ or Apocalypse, but as a rebirth of Christianity that will bring the end of the old ways of religious hypocrisy and paradigm paralysis. For it is about time, and perhaps in the nick of time, for we will soon be as gods able to command the forces of life, having decoded the genome, and able to control the forces of matter through quantum physics. In fact scientists, using the Hadron Collider, have now supposedly found the "Godparticle" that grants mass. Can human beings be trusted to act as God?

Once upon a time, we were guided by God and would do good in God's name: for love of God or fear of God. Yet now in the Western world, where religion has been separated from government for the most part, the practice of doing good in God's name has become secondary to the concept of achieving wealth at all costs. In the East, religion has stagnated, keeping the people in poverty, and in those places where religion could have advanced, it has instead turned to outdated orthodox thinking, leading to violence as with the Islamic jihad. We are in desperate need of a new paradigm in both religious and secular society that can assert the primacy of the Golden Rule: "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Perhaps you would say that all real religions have this principle at their very heart, but not in their actions: Inquisition, Concentration Camps, Islamic State (ISIL-ISIS), Anti-Semitism, Racism, Slavery, Child Abuse, Rape and Abuse and bombing clinics, Torture, Murder, Genocide, War, etc. Now is the time for all Christian sects and other forward thinking religious believers (hopefully many more from Islam) to join together to unmask the religious founders who have been treated as gods or super-beings; when really they were as human as any of us, wanting to help humanity.

It is the primary purpose of this site, by means of the Pesher of Christ™, is to show that all the healings are just metaphors of Jesus' goal to raise the status of the uncircumcised and women; the parables are just history lessons. That the Christian Church has distorted Jesus' mission by making him an equal with God. Once it is discovered that Jesus' crucifixion did not result in his death, there is no need for God to make him suffer for the sins of the mythical Adam and Eve. You will find that the true miracle of the Resurrection is that Jesus was revived from the poison that made him appear to be dead. The fact that Jesus was alive means that we do not have to judge whether St. Paul distorted his mission because Jesus built the Christian Church with him by personal contact (hidden in trances and dreams, even though he was not able to cure his tendency to misogyny). Paul was in fact married to Jesus' daughter Phoebe. This is why Luke devoted almost all of Acts to Paul, especially when Luke uses "we" to indicate Paul with Jesus. It is also possible to name and examine all the participants in the New Testament up until the beginning of the Second Century. This includes especially all the women who were deacons of the Church like Mary Magdalene, Jesus' first wife, who gave birth to a daughter, Phoebe and two sons, Jesus Justus and Joseph, of Jesus and his second wife Lydia who gave him a son. I hope that I have peeked your interest in this extensive, and perhaps intimidating, site. I promise, that, if you spend some time here, it will shake your Faith to the very roots, but you will not be able to deny its truth and consistency.

Read further on the purposes and methods of this site: or Go to Index

Why write in pesher?

Jesus said, "To you has been given the secret of the kingdom of God, but for those outside everything is in parable" (Mark 4:11).
Paul said, "My brothers, I could not address you as spiritual men, but as men of the flesh, as babes in Christ. I fed you with milk, not solid food; for you were not ready for it; and even yet you are not ready..." (1 Corinthians 3:1,2).

It is certainly logical to think that the New Testament writers would use some sort pesher language, as they would have been familiar with this method as used in the sectarian writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls where Old Testament verse is quoted followed by "And the pesher is". The pesher of Habakkuk illustrated at the top of this document is an example of this. There are already many obvious pesher references to Old Testament verse in the New Testament (these are referenced in detailed Bibles), thus the New Testament writers are already saying "And the pesher is". Matthew 2:14,15 reads, "And he (Joseph) rose and took the child and his mother by night, and departed to Egypt, and remained there until the death of Herod. This was to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet, 'Out of Egypt have I called my son.'" (Hosea 11:1 reads, "When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.") Thus the author of Matthew is doing exactly what the sectarian Dead Sea Scroll writers did namely quoting Hosea 11:1 and saying "the pesher is" Matthew 2:14,15. Note also that the author was not averse to manipulating locations, thus the Wilderness of Mird became Egypt. The Dead Sea Scroll writers did exactly this also.

The question is whether the New Testament writers actually wanted to take this a step further and create a "pesher within a pesher" such as what Jesus referred to in Mark 4:11 or as Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:1,2. The obvious advantage to such a format is the ability to hide certain events and people so as to protect them from being "thrown to the lions" or crucified. Another reason is that, now this new Church was building its own writings that would supercede the Old Testament, it therefore ought to also contain a pesher such as they believed the Old Testament had. The greatest example of this is, of course, Revelation, which has been constantly quoted to support theories on the end of the world. And then, of course, there is overriding principle of all religions and that is to obscure certain details so as to give the religious leaders superiority over the followers. This mystery is what keeps followers because they are never sure whether they have seen everything and thus they will never reach the point in Peggy Lee's song, "Is that all there is?" Those already at the top may think that, but they are too rich and comfortable to care.

In fact, many instances of a "pesher within a pesher" can be found in the New Testament provided that one does not take the New Testament as the literal words of God. (Of course, since the New Testament was written in Greek, the English translation could never be the words of God, unless God translated them.) In the next two sections it will be proved that Qumran on the Dead Sea is Jerusalem and that many of the places that Jesus visited regularly were substitute towns for the real ones. "Egypt" can then be understood by the fact that the Therapeuts had their spiritual retreats in caves in the wilderness near Qumran. Since their center is Egypt, this "Egypt" is their Jerusalem (Qumran). Clearly these caves offered a good hiding place for Mary and Joseph as they did for Zealots throughout the wars with Rome. The Therapeuts had a close association with the Jewish-Essenes at Qumran.

On this site, I will show that the early Christian Church did not suddenly become invented by Jesus (or invented by God through him), but came about from the collective consciousness (inspiration of God - if you like). The Christian Church was the result of a new paradigm that was meant to bring both Jews and Gentiles together with a New and Old Testament. So it was with the Koran, which was a new paradigm from the collective consciousness transmitted to Mohammed (by the angel Gabriel). It was meant to include Old and New Testament values with its emphasis being on the power of people joined in common prayer directed to a higher power (Allah) rather than to leaders and dogma.

So here and now there are Islam extremists persecuting and attempting to exterminate Christians and Jews, just as Christians persecuted and attempted to exterminate Jews and followers of Islam in the past. The failure of these paradigms occurs when the transmitter of the paradigm (Mohammed, Jesus, Moses, or Buddha) becomes more important than the paradigm that was transmitted through them. The true anti-Christ's are those who claim to have direct contact with the original transmitters and then proceed to distort the old paradigms to serve their own egos. However, it is difficult to impose an old paradigm by means of dogma, because the collective consciousness has already discarded it, thus it becomes necessary to enforce it by threats of force.

It is not really possible to explain a new paradigm because the collective consciousness already knows it. A paradigm is very much like a pesher because it cannot be explained in words. What is clear, however, is that the new paradigm that is operating today involves the rejection of the exclusivity of religion. Since I was brought up as a Christian, I can only express this new paradigm as the Pesher of Christ™, but it applies to all religions: it is the pesher of Mohammed, the pesher of Moses, the pesher of Buddha; it is the meaning behind a collective consciousness that aspires to a higher Self.

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What is the Pesher of Christ™ ?

At this point, a distinction needs to be drawn between the term
"Pesher of Christ"™
which is my term for the concepts contained on this site
the term "pesher technique"
which at the core of the discoveries of Dr. Barbara Thiering.

The major distinction to what I am calling the "Pesher of Christ"™ here and Dr. Barbara Thiering's "pesher technique" has to do with the issue of the Rules of Last Referent abbreviated RLR. (This is discussed in: "SRLR: Dr. Thiering's Rules of the Pesher Technique Disputed.".) These strict rules were developed after her first book and have brought her even more ridicule from the so-called Biblical scholars. On my site, I have proved, by using "Inductive Reasoning" that there is no reason for these rules, as I have found agreement with most of the findings in her first two books.

I cherish the four years that I studied with Dr. Thiering and collaborated with her as webmaster-publisher of her site, which contains her approved writings, on my nonprofit corporation Infinite SOULutions Foundation site. Dr. Thiering was so welcoming to me when my wife and I visited her home in Mosman, Australia. My main regret is that that I did not have enough time to dissuade her from her pesher rules as I believe that this is one of the reasons that many scholars have dismissed her work out of hand. (Note: That I have continued to support Dr. Barbara Thiering's site: Pesher Technique even in her passing as I promised her, but I would advise only to use this site as it is more accurate and complete, although her commentaries and the index are helpful.)

There is no doubting that Dr. Thiering's work has been groundbreaking. In fact many of her findings have already been "appropriated" by other writers, of which the "Da Vinci Code" is the most well known. Although the "Da Vinci Code" is purported to be a fictional book, its great popularity came because it spoke to our suspicions that the Church had over-stepped its role as guardian of the faith and had manipulated many principles and teachings of Jesus for its own ends. Even now the church perpetuates the travesty of suppressing females even though it is clear from the New Testament and other sources that Mary Magdalene, Helena, Lydia, and Bernice were clearly at the level of Cardinal and therefore it would, at the least, be correct for the Church to promote females to that level and give them the right to vote for the next Pope. On the other hand, it is not necessary to go overboard with a Mary Magdalene cult as the as the Templars did and nor is she seated in da Vinci's "Last Supper" when clearly it is John, "the disciple that Jesus loved". Phoebe and her marriage to St. Paul and her child Paulina are much more important. (See my book: "Paulina's Promise to her Grandfather, Jesus".)

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using the "Pesher of Christ"™

All four Gospel verses relating to each event or theme are shown together in the same chronological order as in their gospel position, with the exception of parables. (Since parables show past or future history, they are placed according to their specific chronology.) The original Greek text from the Vatican Archives links to an Interlinear translation and grammar followed by Young's Literal Translation followed by a possible retranslation and discussion. My inductive reasonings and Dr. Barbara Thiering's pesher techniques are shown, but avoiding her pesher rules.

Go directly to The Combined Gospels verse lookup in the center column
or go to sections via the Gospel Harmony and Chronology Index

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using the "Pesher of Christ"™

In the New Testament, Acts contains the best history that we have of the Early Church after the Crucifixion, but unfortunately is disintegrates in a travelogue of St Paul ending abruptly at March 61 AD, however Revelation shows Church History from 2 BC to September 112 AD. Their combination and the addition of some fairly valid Apocrypha tells a much more complete story

Go to Acts and Revelation Combined verse lookup in the center column
or go to Acts and Revelation with Index by Year

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Jesus Survived the Crucifixion: Proof from the Ante-Nicean Fathers

Excepts from the writings of Irenaeus (c.180 AD), and Eusebius (326 AD) who quotes from Papias of Hierapolis (c.60-135). Since these are the preeminent Fathers of the Early Church, their words are hard to ignore. Irenaeus says that Jesus lived to be at least 50 years old and Eusebius tells a story from Papias that a Barsabbas (the family name of Jesus), drank a deadly poison, and yet, by the grace of the Lord, suffered no inconvenience.

Inductive Reasoning: "Excerpts and proofs from the Ante-Nicean Fathers".

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Could Qumran be Jerusalem?


Whether one believes that the the Dead Sea Scrolls preceded or ran in parallel with Christianity, it is clear that they contain many of its precepts and even the "Last Supper" ceremony. Clearly, Christianity was influenced by these writings. It is also clear that Qumran was an important place. It is an accepted fact that it was, at one time, an Essene Community that was abandoned after an earthquake. There has been much New Age material that says that Jesus was an Essene perhaps because of the contents of the "Sermon on the Mount", but this fact is more in the area of myth.

The many fragments in Cave 4 and the almost intact Community Rule from Cave 1 appear to express the theology of a Jewish Essene-like sect resident at Qumran that could very well have existed at the time of Jesus. This sect was perhaps not as orthodox as the Essenes, which probably was also by necessity because they also had a zealot war to manage. However, just as the Essenes considered it their Jerusalem in exile when King Herod usurped them, it is quite possible that the Jewish Essene sect carried on this tradition of referring to Qumran as a second Jerusalem, its mirror image. If this was the place that Jesus lived and taught and "died", it might explain why there are no records of him in the history books.

Inductive Reasoning: "Examining all the references to Jerusalem to see if the the plural of Jerusalem does stand for Qumran".

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To "walk" with Jesus appears to require a camel and with his disciples a caravan!

Traditional Galilee-Jerusalem

Logical Qumran-Jerusalem

Previously (in the Inductive Reasoning above) it was proposed that there were two Jerusalem's of the New Testament: Jerusalem (singular form) and its mirror image: Qumran (plural form).

Inductive Reasoning: "Jesus' Journeys"

Above this shows how the locations of Qumran on the Dead Sea and its neighboring towns of Ain Feshkha, Mazin, and Mird present a much more logical explanation for the seemingly impossible speed that Jesus traveled across the countryside from the traditional locations of Jerusalem, Galilee, the Sea of Galilee, and Cairo.

Map Animated Road Trips of Jesus by foot/donkey along the current roads OR
YouTube Playlist:
Jesus Journeys

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The Twelve Disciples

(St. Peter's in the Vatican: Thaddaeus, Matthew, Philip, Thomas, James, John the Baptist*Jesus*Andrew, John, James son of Alphaeus, Simon, Bartholomew, Matthias. Peter below.)

It is amazing that after 2000 years, the scholars and the Church have been unable to figure out all twelve apostles. They know Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, and Judas Iscariot. They are confused about James (son of Alphaeus) calling him by the absurd title of James the Less, Lebbaeus (whose surname was Thaddaeus and who also appears as Judas of James), and, of course, they are trying to pretend that Simon (the Zealot/Canaanite) is not the same person as Simon Magus whom Eusebius, "the father of Church History (260-339) quotes from Justin Martyr that Simon is "the original author of heresies" and that "all Samaritans and a few other nations also acknowledge him as their chief deity and worship him." (Does this not sound a little like the way that some Christians venerate Jesus Christ today? As one of the twelve and having a following like that, one might suspect that he could have originally been more important than Jesus! Good thing, Peter and Paul fixed all that.) Also there is the disciple Nathanael in the John Gospel who is nowhere in the list in the other Gospels and the disciple Matthias in Acts who is never heard of again and whom people wish was Paul.

Inductive Reasoning: "The Twelve Disciples Revealed".

The Seventy Disciples

Inductive Reasoning: "The Exploring the Seventy Disciples".

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It's all in the Family! The Relations of Jesus

Many events in the New Testament can be understood by the family relationships of Jesus. Here is presented the most amazingly detailed view of Jesus' family in a chart with detailed collaborating evidence. It represents year and year of study on the Pesher of Christ.

The Inductive Reasoning: "The Family Relations of Jesus".

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The true Gospel of Peter that precedes the Gospel of Mark

The Church tried to suppress the Gospel of Peter which was once the most popular narrative in early Christianity. The Church almost succeeded, but fortunately two parts of it have been discovered: an 8th century text, with other manuscripts, in a monk's grave in the modern Egyptian city of Akhmim (sixty miles north of Nag Hammadi) in 1886 and The Secret Gospel of Mark found in the Mar Saba monastery in 1958 which surely contains another piece of it. In this

Inductive Reasoning: "The true Gospel of Peter that precedes the Gospel of Mark",

it will be shown that these two fragments of the Gospel represent part of the definitive Gospel that precedes all others and tells the truth about how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and how he survived the crucifixion and was rescued and not resurrected.

The fragment of the Gospel of Peter begins at the point that Pilate washes his hands and proceeds through the crucifixion up to the point that Jesus goes into a coma by means of a drug, and then his rescue from the tomb: "they saw the heavens opened, and two men descend from thence with great light and approach the tomb; again they see three men coming forth from the tomb, and two of them supporting one, and a cross following them."

The Secret Gospel of Mark tells the story about the Raising of Lazarus, showing that the young man in the cave is already alive. This Inductive Reasoning shows it to the be Simon Magus, the deposed Pope: "Jesus went with her (Mary Magdalene) to the garden where the tomb was and immediately a great sound was heard from the tomb."

By aligning the Four Gospel sections to themselves and with the Gospel of Peter using Inductive Reasoning, an amazing story unfolds.

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The Clementines are as Important as Acts

The Clementines which are made up of "The Recognitions of Clement" and "The Clementine Homilies" are a unique religious romance. However, the scholars have told us that they were written long after the early days of Christianity by heretics and thus its content is merely fantasy.

In this Inductive Reasoning: "The Clementines are as Important as Acts".
it will be shown that they have been written between 59 and 95 AD by analyzing its sources and thus showing that it contains real truths about John the Baptist, James and John, Simon Magus, Helena (the Syro-Phoenician woman), Mary Magdalene, Bernice, Clement, Ananus the Younger (Zacchaeus), James (the brother of Jesus), Peter, and the early missionary journeys, structure, and practices even though its philosophical content is outdated.

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Jesus never said he was the Son of God -- proof

"Son of God" is a phrase, according to most Christian denominations Trinitarian in belief,
which refers to the divine relationship between Jesus and God, specifically as "God the Son"
BUT I bet you would assume that Jesus called himself "The Son of God".
Find out that he Never Said That! He only said he was "the Son of Man".

(Listen to YouTube video Song)
and the documented proof: Inductive Reasoning: "Jesus never said he was the Son of God".

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Finding the birth of Jesus from the priestly course of John the Baptist's father

It has always been tantalizing to try to use Zacharias (Zechariah), the father of John the Baptist, who is said to be at the temple on his priestly course: 8th - Abijah. The reason for this is that everything connects from this to Jesus in a linear fashion. Zacharias priestly course points to the conception of John the Baptist, then to Elizabeth's pregnancy five months from the missed period, to three months and the birth. Jesus' conception can be seen to be six months into Elizabeth's pregnancy and therefore to show that Jesus is born in March.

This inductive reasoning goes all the way to the Fall of Jerusalem by the Romans under Titus to trace the courses back to 9BC. This is the first time that you will see the calculations done in the correct manner, but is is just one piece of the coherent whole which is the Pesher of Christ on this site.

The Inductive Reasoning: "Finding the birth of Jesus from the priestly course of John the Baptist's father".

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Why the Qur'an of Islam says that Jesus was not crucified.

The Koran states "Jews did not kill Jesus, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of Jesus was put over another man (and they killed that man), and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no certain knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not Jesus, son of Mary." It appears that Mohammed had access to the "The Second Treatise of the Great Seth" from The Nag Hammadi Library Codex which says just that. It is amazing to think that after 600 years, people would still be believing that Jesus did not die on the cross. Perhaps that is because he survived it!

The Inductive Reasoning: "Why the Qur'an of Islam says that Jesus was not crucified".

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Timeline of Herod Agrippa the Great

This Inductive Reasoning: "Timeline of Herod Agrippa the Great"
Looks at the Timeline of Herod Agrippa the Great to determine his influence on the New Testament especially as to whether he was the Herod in Luke 23:6-12 at Jesus' trial.

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Timeline of St. Paul (Saul)

This Inductive Reasoning: "Timeline of St Paul"

Many attempts have been made to map out a timeline for Paul, of which are all different because Acts does not contain dates. The good timelines take these into account four of the dates that are known: the death of King Aretas in 40AD, the expulsion of the Christians from Rome in 49 AD, Gallio's consulship (51-52 AD), and the transfer of procurators from Felix to Festus (60 AD). However, these timelines do not have access to two important pesher relationships: the Dead Sea Scrolls delineation of the membership into the Community from acolyte at 20 years old (Acts 7:58) to bishop (Acts 11:26) and the martyrdom of Stephen (Jonathan Annas) with the removal of Jonathan Annas as high priest (Spring, 37 AD). These two pesher facts track the first appearance of Paul in Acts and his ascent to becoming bishop. Paul's letters to Seneca show his connection with Seneca and his brother Gallio (showing his release and ) his second imprisonment in Rome. Felix's connection with his brother Pallas and his marriage into the Agrippa II relationship with the Church shows the real reason that Paul had to go to Rome as a possible scapegoat for the murder of Jonathan Annas. Also in the final section, Paul's vision clearly shows Jesus directing Paul and it is more reasonable to accept the fact that Jesus was still alive, especially when he approves the the marriage of his daughter to Paul.

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St. Paul constantly justifies his Jewishness in his epistles, but maybe this is because he is not as Jewish as Jesus, whose birthright is from King David. Paul's birthright can be shown to be from Herod the Great, who was never considered truly Jewish.

This Inductive Reasoning: "St. Paul, out of the closet: "Paul's sister's son" a Herodian" explains his fast rise to importance.

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The healing of Peter's mother-in-law is a clue to Peter's royal connections by marriage and the fact that his mother-in-law was Mother Superior

This Inductive Reasoning: "Peter's wife's mother (clue to Peter's royal connections)" explains the importance of Peter.

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Is YHWH (Yahweh) just a Canaanite God?

This Inductive Reasoning: "Is YHWH (Yahweh) just a Canaanite God?"
Detailed analysis reveals that YHWH (Yahweh), the great monotheistic God, is merely the head of a pantheon of gods from Canaan, their enemy.

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Nicene Creed refuted

This Inductive Reasoning: "Nicene Creed refuted"
The Nicene Creed, written at First Ecumenical Council in 325 and modified in 381,
is the joining point of all Christian religions before they branched off and yet it is hardly studied or understood.
The question is: whether anything in the code is true.

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The Four Horsemen in the New Testament Book of Revelation are the Four Books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John

Four Horsemen

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The Mystery of Beast 666 Solved and Essene-Christian grades

This Inductive Reasoning: "The Mystery of Beast 666 Solved"
to decipher the number of the Beast, it is necessary to understand the hierarchy of the Church. The direct parallel to Christianity in the grades of Essene initiation supported by Josephus and Dead Sea Scrolls.

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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle compared to known dates gives interesting information

This Inductive Reasoning: "Comparing the dates of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle with known dates"
reveals a few interesting facts.

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Virgin Mary Joy and Sorrow

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James the Just and sibling rivalry
Just does not mean 'just', but is 'justus' means crown prince. Jesus' younger brother James constantly opposed Jesus.

This Inductive Reasoning: "James the Just and sibling rivalry"

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A new Genesis that shows the current scientific
opinion on the creation of the universe and of human beings
so that the preachers can preach from fact.

This Inductive Reasoning: "Genesis Rewritten by Science"

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