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Useful Bible Tools

© 2009 by Dylan Stephens

This is a discussion of useful Bible Tools.

Having grown attached to our Bibles, which perhaps were inscribed by a member of the family (mine was King James), I imagine how annoyed and dismayed you will be to find out they all contain inaccuracies. It is hard to imagine that so many religious conservatives continue to say that their version in English translated from Greek or from Greek into Latin then English is the "word of God"!

Over the years these translations from the Greek have been improved, such as the Revised Standard Version (RSV); but so much relies on the Greek source and the opinions or traditions of the translator. The temptation is always to assume that the scribe made a mistake when a passage seems illogical, but the pesher shows that the illogic is there to tell the pesharist that there is a hidden meaning.

Of the New Testament sources the most respected and reliable is Vaticanus, which I have made accessible by the following tool: Vaticanus Verse Selection (Via this tool, you can also access the RSV with a button. Also to find out more about this lookup program press the help button. The verses do not necessarily follow the Vaticanus text but are there as a guide to find the text in the Vaticanus "img" image file.

Second to this in validity is Sinaiticus and this is essential for Revelation, which is not contained in Vaticanus. All lookups to Sinaiticus can be accomplished from the web site: (A word of caution, and it is admitted on that site, that the translations do not necessarily correspond, but they are working on that.)

Being suspicious of all translations, I personally prefer to look directly at the sources even though it is in uncial script with no spaces between words, as I want to know that it has not been distorted.